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October 2011

Following Mavis's request in the Guestbook for a few more contributions to the site I thought I'd better make an effort myself! My other hobbies and commitments have taken up a lot of time this summer so now the cold weather is setting in, I'll make an effort to get the site up to date again.  Our weather girl is telling me as I type that wind and rain are heading our way next week so I'll have no excuse!

St Aidan's Place To Be is an ongoing joy to its congregation and the local community and has been active as more than a Church Cafe. The Cafe is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7.30 am until 2 pm and on Sunday mornings is open for Holy Communion at 9.30 am followed by a family service with children's activities for children of all ages at 11 am.

I've put more details on the Team and Times page of all their activities as they are a very busy place to be!

I will sort out any new items to be uploaded and get them on as soon as I can.  Many thanks to those of you who have sent contributions recently.  I can't tell you how important they are to this site and the messages I received in appreciation are wonderful so please keep them coming.

Enjoy the autumnal weather!

April 2011

I've just noticed on the website that I haven't uploaded my last two updates (below) so I guess you think you've all been deserted!  On the positive side, there's plenty for you to catch up on!

I have some time off work coming up so I'll be working on the site again and uploading anything new I have.  I'll be giving you an update on St Aidan's and all the things they're up to in the Place To Be and some information on what's been happening around the estate.  Whilst the Council is cutting many local services, new businesses have come into the area and have promised to use local labour whenever possible.

If you have anything to contribute to the site, please let me know soon.


October 2010

Our Hot News this month is that St Aidan's have moved into their new premises at 10 Eastern Avenue! I am uploading a few photos taken at the opening of 'The Place To Be' and some information on what will be happening there so please visit the St Aidan's main page.  This is a very exciting time for St Aidan's and our Parish as a whole as we place ourselves into God's hands and step out in faith into the unknown!


July 2010

I have finally finished uploading the photos from the Guide & Scout reunion and have added them to the Guide page. The reunion was wonderful and it was lovely to meet up with old friends and share memories.  

I also have quite a few photos that Paul McDonough gave me at the reunion of his time in Speke so I will be putting these up in the next few weeks on the appropriate pages so keep watching!


June 2010


When I started this update 3 days ago I didn't think it would take me very long.....  I'm almost finished and everything should be tickity boo in the next few days!


As I have added photographs to different pages I have included a NEW! sign to show you were to start from for this update.  I hope this helps. As always I have not always been able to acknowledge contributors due to my appalling memory so if you see something of yours please, please tell me.  You can use the Guestbook or the Keep In Touch button on the main page.


So for now, I have updated the pages on: 

School Photos

People in the Community



313th Guides. 


I will continue to work on these over the next week or so up to the Guide/Scout Reunion.  I am hoping to see a lot of new materials for those pages but no doubt it will take forever to get them all uploaded so I am looking forward (lol!) to a very busy summer!


I was lucky enough to be in All Saints when two visitors asked to see around last year and showed an interest in our Adelaide Watt connection.  As I showed them her memorial window, they mentioned their Great Grandfather, Moses White had worked for her at Speke Hall. I knew the name instantly as he is buried in our graveyard and mentioned in village records so I was pleased to meet Sheila and Alec White and was able to take their photo.  They later sent me a photo of Moses with other staff on the moat bridge at Speke Hall so I have gratefully included it in our People in the Community Page.


DSC07881.JPG (414697 bytes)


A regular contributor to this site is Peter Crompton who lives in Canada now and I had the pleasure of meeting Peter in person on Sunday morning when he visited All Saints whilst on a trip 'back home'.  Peter met up with old friends while he was here including or own John Goodale, a regular member of All Saints.  When I got my camera out Peter said 'I bet this will end up going on the website...'


IMG_1802.JPG (1430698 bytes)







March 2010




My Guide Captain from the 70's, Dorothy Haslem is currently organising a reunion for all the Cubs, Brownies, Guides and Scouts who were part of All Saints in the past.  It will take place in All Saints Church Hall on the afternoons of Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of June from 1 pm to 4 pm.  


I know that there are quite a few of you from the uniformed organisations at All Saints that visit the site and have contributed to it, so we would love to see you at the reunion. Please let any friends know who might be interested too.  The more, the merrier!


Dorothy, who was Captain of the 313th Liverpool Girl Guides has many photos and memorabilia from those times and I have some from my Dad's time as Akela with the 16th Allerton Cubs but we'd like more so if you'd like to contribute, please let me know.


I am still adding photographs and information to the website so please keep checking here for updates.  Thank you to those who recently left names in the Guestbook to go with photographs - your contributions are greatly appreciated!



February 2010


One of our regular visitors to the website, Jim Barker asked me recently if I could help him find out who baptised him in All Saints on Christmas Day in 1938.  Jim always thought it was Rev Wade but realised from the website that he didn't come to Speke until 1939. Did this mean that Rev Leslie Patterson baptised him?


Unfortunately after checking the Church registers I realised that the first Baptism Register of All Saints had been transferred to the Records office in Liverpool.  I searched the Records Office files on line for Speke and found the Reference Number for Jim who promptly took it along and found the record of his baptism.


Here are Jim's own words about what he found, and a photo of the Register with his name in!


"Well I spent all morning in the records office and was absolutely delighted at my findings. I came across my baptism records in a most remarkable old book. It was strange looking through a book that was over half full of people and their families that had nothing what so ever to do with the Speke estate. It was all about Oglet. And all the farms around old Speke. Cottages and addresses that have well and truly been bulldozed away. The main occupation was farm labourer, pig herdsman, soldier.  Absolutely fascinating.


"I found my records and as you can see, I was baptised on the 25 December by the Rev Patterson. And the 25th  of December 1938 was a Sunday. I mentioned the fact to the chief registry officer about being baptised on Christmas day and he said it wasn't unusual and that they even performed marriages on that day."


I told Jim that the Rector and I wouldn't be very happy about turning out for a service on Christmas Day now!!  He also told me that it snowed on Christmas Day 1938 for the first time since records began!


So here is the photo and you will also see two very well known Speke names in the entries below Jim's.  


017.JPG (596454 bytes)


Talking of the Church Registers, Alan has been photographing the Burial Registers and I am gradually adding them to the Graveyard Page As you can appreciate, it is a huge job and is taking some time but please keep watching that page if you have family buried in All Saints and eventually you will be able to see the entry in the Register.



January 2010


Happy New Year everyone!  Another new decade!! I'm sure the years go faster as I get older...!


I haven't updated the site much recently as I concentrated on making Christmas Cards of All Saints in the snow, starting off with 25 to sell and ending up with orders for well over 80!  Thank you to those who bought them - the money raised went to Help for Heroes along with our fundraising for the charity at All Saints.  


We have had about 10 days of snow on the ground here in January so I took the opportunity to take some photos of St Aidan's Church, probably for the last time, in the snow.  I have added them to their photographs page. It is a magnificent building and it's such a shame it was built with unsuitable materials.


St Aidan's congregation however is thriving and have made a wonderful home in Middlefield School which All Saints congregation visited the Sunday after Christmas for a joint service and were made to feel very welcome!  Hopefully in 2010 St Aidan's will settle in Eastern Avenue permanently and continue to grow within themselves and out into the community.


Alan and I took millions of photos of our recent snowfall - it doesn't come here very often - but I have resisted the urge to put them all up....!  I have added a few of Speke Hall to the Our Pics page from the day we went out in a blizzard to capture these scenes just for you!



August 2009 - (Gosh, this year is flying by!)


It's the weekend again and I've been adding information that has been sent recently through the Guestbook and emails.  It's lovely to get names for faces on photographs and I need to thank quite a few of you for getting in touch so Big Thanks to Tony Williams, Colin Pattison, Vivien Kennils, Beryl D'Arcy, and Dave Worthington.  The information has been updated in the Photographs section on the following pages.  (I think the Rose Queens might need their own page soon!)



People in the Community



Weddings 2000's

Weddings 1980's


I've merged the Recent and the Now pages because they're really the same thing and I'm also adding a new page of photographs Alan and I take around Liverpool and Runcorn that might bring back some old memories for those of you living far away, and also surprise you with some new sights. I've called the page Our Pics and added the link to the bottom of the Photographs section before the link to the Speke Messenger.


If you notice anything wrong or missing, please let me know by using the Get In Touch button on the Main Page.  thanks.


(Still July 2009!)


As well as adding new items, I have been working through my files looking for any contributions or corrections I may have missed and hopefully, the site is now up to date.  Apologies if you have been waiting a long time to see your photo but it should be there now.


Some of the pages mentioned in the last update have been updated again and additions have been made to the following too.  I've also moved some of the people photos around between the Church and Community pages - I hope I didn't lose anything in the process!.  Please let me know if I've missed anything you've sent as I sometimes have so much to do, things get lost! 


Weddings 40's

Weddings 50's

Photos Misc




July 2009

Well!  I have been busy updating the site for about 4 weeks now and I still have new items coming in!  I'll keep plodding on - apologies if you are still waiting to see your contribution but it will appear soon - but in the meantime, have a look at the following pages which have new additions.  I've also added the link to the Church magazine, the Speke Messenger to the main page so please pop in and have a read online.

School Photos


People in the Community

Speke Now - 2009

Weddings 70's

Weddings 60's

313th Guides

I am so grateful to all of you who contribute to the website - without you it would not be the success it is.


January 2009

I'm working on the site at the moment so if you have sent me something recently, it should appear in the next few weeks.  I'm also adding a link to the Church Magazine, the Speke Messenger so you can read it online.  You will see in the latest magazine that we have lost quite a few parishioners in Speke over the last months and we will miss them all... Joyce Nicholas, Mrs Slater, (Mum of Elsie Chesters),  George Adams and Mrs Edwards of All Saints Road.  All of these people supported All Saints and St Aidan's over many years and never wavered in their faith.  They have gone home now and rest in the love of their Father. 

We have also had the news that St Aidan's Church is to close permanently due to the constant decay in the building which is irreparable.  We were constantly trying to keep the building in a good condition but not succeeding so the decision has been made to move out. We did not take this decision lightly or easily and if there was any other way, we would have taken it.  

St Aidan's congregation has stoically met this challenge head on however and are determined to carry on their Christian worship wherever God finds them a home! For the time being they continue to  meet in Middlefield School on Sunday mornings until a more permanent home can be found.

August 2008

Another 30 plus photos have been added and you will now be able to see most of them on a whole new page to the site called People in the Community.  Most of these photos have been donated by Rob Dobie and his Mum Doris, and by Joan, daughter of Len Broley who took many photos around this area which, thanks to Joan will be displayed on this site. She also has many wedding photos taken at all Saints Church which we have decided not to display here unless we have permission from the couples themselves.  If you were married here and think Len Broley was your photographer, please contact me and I'll check the files to see if I have your photo which can be displayed on the Wedding pages!

Thank you to everyone else who has taken the time to give me extra information, corrections or new items to go on the website.  I am working very hard to get them all sorted.  

Unfortunately I am not going to be able to include any further family photos on the website due to space limitations but if your photo is of someone known in the community for a particular deed or group or shows a place of interest, please let me know.  I'll be happy to find a home for them.

July 2008

I have added another 27 photos to the site (it's taken about 5 hours....) on the following pages:

Weddings 60's







St Aidan's services


I have a few more to add and some more details and dates which I'll sort as soon as possible.  Thanks to everyone who contributed, especially at the Exhibition.

June 2008 - Apologies for not updating the site recently but I have been totally engrossed in preparing for the Speke Exhibition at the end of this month.  I didn't realise how much 'stuff' I'd collected over the last 5 years since the last one and have been trying to sort, scan, copy, file, make new files, make displays, advertise - that reminds me I need to put it in the Echo!!!  Today I have added two photos to the Weddings of 1970's page, one article to the Photographs - Miscellaneous page and one to the Photographs - People's page.

After the Exhibition I will be adding all the new items that I've scanned in over the last month or so.  Hope to see some of you on 28th/29th June!

May 2008 - I have steadily been adding to the wedding pages and more photographs have be put on the 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1990's and 2000's pages.  These have also been added to our Wedding File that will be on show in the History Exhibition in June. I have also added a Rose Queen photo to the People page.  The new St Aidan's pages have also been added to and if you have any contributions, please let me know.

April 2008 - 4 photographs have been added to the Guides page, thanks to Karen Edwards and 2 to the Scouts page.  2 photos have also been added to the Church photographs page showing the names of our Patron, Adelaide Watt, and the 2nd Minister of All Saints and his wife whose ashes were all buried under the Altar.

The St Aidan's page is now up and running and a 2nd one added showing the inside of the building.  There will be more photos added soon.

February 2008 - I have been working on the site to add more photographs and have recently finished adding 30 new photos to the Wedding pages from the 1940's to the present day.  Unfortunately when my computer died last year some of the details disappeared so if you can fill in any missing information, please let me know.

I have also added the details of our upcoming Local History Exhibition which will be taking place in June and is a chance for everyone to meet and catch up, sharing their memories of their days in Speke.  All of the information on this site will be on display and much, much more that I will never be able to include here!  The Hale and Garston groups will be joining us too.  Have a look at the Exhibition page for more details.

Sometime soon I will be adding a St Aidan's page or two to the site so if you have any contributions, please let me know.  A lot of the photos already here include some from St Aidan's so they will be hard to separate.  However, if I get enough interest, I guess I'll have to!  Please let me know if you have anything of interest through the Guestbook.

We are currently campaigning in Speke for the old Parade shops to be demolished as soon as possible and the new playing fields to be installed.  If you still live in Speke and would like to help us speed this process along, please contact me through the Guestbook.  I will get a letter to you to send to the City Council who have given us three dates up to now and have now moved it to March.

Thanks for your continued support.  I hope you are still enjoying the site!


September 2007 - More photographs have been added to the site and some pages moved around to group the pictures together in a more organised way.  I will be adding more and the supply I have will keep me busy on the scanner for a long time!  I have decided to move the site to it's own domain so it is easier to maintain and access.  The new address is   I've bought this myself (none of this website is funded by the Church) and hope to keep it in years to come as a permanent home.

I'll be adding photographs soon of our new shopping parade which we have fought long and hard for!  I never really thought it would happen when I was first attending meetings many years ago to discuss the old parade, but having seen the process through the ideas, advertising, planning, objections, replanning, it is a wonderful boost to the people of Speke who never gave up hope!  There are still many areas that need dealing with, but the arrival of Morrisons and the smaller shops around it has given us the impetus to keep moving forward! 

April 2007- It is with great sadness that I tell you that Billy Symonds passed away suddenly but peacefully at his home in Speke Hall's North Lodge just before Easter 2007.  His uniqueness and individuality will be greatly missed, especially by those of us who counted him as a friend, despite having to run the gauntlet of abuse every time we visited the Hall and Grounds only to be met by a big smile and a wink on the way out!

March 2007 - More pictures have been added to the Photographs section including a new page called Scouts. Please let me know if you can add any details to them or if you have anything you'd like to include by leaving a message in the Guestbook.

Update: Sadly Dorothy's husband Bill died shortly after we discussed the 313th reunion so it will not be happening this year. We will remember Dorothy in our prayers.

April 2006 - I have been contacted by Dorothy Haslem who was my Girl Guide Captain back in the 70's.  She is interested in having a reunion of all the Guides and Brownies who have attended the troops across the years.  If you would like to be involved in any way, please let me know through the Guestbook.  We are looking to get together around the middle of June.

March 2006 - A new section has been added containing 6 pages of different photographs I have been sent or found along the way.  You can find these by going to the Photographs section on the main page of the website. 

April 2005 - A new page called All Saints Memorial Cross has been added to the Information Pages of the web site.  This might be helpful to anyone researching family history.  Added to the Graveyard page are photographs of some of the graves at All Saints that are beginning to wear away and become unreadable. I have included as much of the inscriptions as I can.

February 2005 - At last, I have obtained extra website space and should be able to combat the problems of not being able to load all the pages!  I have also split the website into 3 separate sites to help with space problems.  The links to the Wedding Photographs at Webshots Community should now work too.  I am working on adding the old photographs I have been sent.  

There are two new pages - 1881 Census of Speke and All Saints Graveyard Records.  These should help anyone trying to research their family tree or local history projects.

My apologies to anyone who has had problems visiting the site or has sent items I couldn't include - hopefully, all that is a thing of the past... but should you encounter any problems, please let me know via the Guestbook.  I have had to take my email address off the site due to unscrupulous spammers!



Old News!

October 2003 - Freeserve are now giving 100 mb of space to web site owners.  Hopefully now I'll be able to add more photos, and provide a link to the wedding photos I've managed to scan in so far. 

August 2003 - I'm attempting to update the site again, but if anyone knows of some 'easy to use' free web space, I sure could use the help!

December 2002 - My apologies for not updating sooner.  After two bereavements, my new PC broke down three times, causing the loss of a lot of my records.  I have also lost all my emails so if you donated something you see on the site, and I haven't acknowledged you, please let me know. I will be getting back to work on the site now, and hopefully adding more information.  

If any of you have an email account with blueyonder and don't use your free web space, please consider letting me use it for this site, at no cost to you.  Thanks!  

Many Thanks to Karen Ashmore who has already volunteered her space! 

08.06.02 - More old photos have been added to the School Faces pages.  Unfortunately I've run out of web space for the second time and can't post any more for the time being.  I will be changing the photos on some pages now and again to keep them fresh!

02.05.02 - A new page has been added about Service Times at All Saints

16.03.02 - Two new pages have been added to the site - Speke Now! and 16th Allerton Cub Scouts.

Feb 2002 - I have added a new link on our Links Page to a brand new site that aims to reunite pupils at Speke Comp between 1965 and 1972.  I'm sure it's owner would love to hear from anyone, even if you didn't attend in these years.   When I get more web space arranged, I should be able to added more Stocktonwood Photos to this site.

I have finally managed to get the School Faces page up and running, and will be working on the other photographs which have been missing!