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Photographs - miscellaneous


If you click on a photograph, you can see an bigger version..  If you can fill in any of the missing information or dates, please let me know through the Guestbook.


1  ChurchMag1961.jpg (27455 bytes)       Inlovingmemory.jpg (27267 bytes)      3 LetterfromMissWattEstate.jpg (31162 bytes)      4 MemCross.jpg (22734 bytes)


1 - Cover of Speke Messenger - Church Magazine of October 1961

2 - Memorial Card of Delia Latham - 1866 to 1928

3 - Letter from Miss Watt's Estate - 1921

4 - Dedication of All Saints Memorial Cross in 1922


5  Royalhistory1.jpg (105997 bytes)       6 RoyalHistory2.jpg (89886 bytes)        7 SymondsConfirm.jpg (57552 bytes)

5 - Important War Dates - with thanks to Ted Chapman

6 - Letter from King George - with thanks to Ted Chapman

7 - Confirmation Card of Edward Symonds - with thanks to Billy Symonds

It is with great sadness that I tell you that Billy passed away suddenly but peacefully at home just before Easter 2007.  His uniqueness and individuality will be greatly missed.

8    BapCardLynne2.jpg (347537 bytes)       CampbellBap1941.jpg (526127 bytes)    


8 - My Baptism Card.  Although a lifelong member of All Saints, the Monthly Family services in 1960 were held in the new parish Church of St Aidans and that is why I was christened there.

9 - Baptism card of Mavis Claire Campbell signed by Rev Wade on 2nd February 1941.  Many thanks to her daughter, also Mavis for sending this in.  All Saints was known at the time as Speke Church as it was the only one here!



10    RQ CENTRE SPREAD.jpg (498567 bytes)    11    RQ FRONT & BACK COVER.jpg (509539 bytes)    12    RQ INSIDE COVERS.jpg (673142 bytes)

10 to 12 - Thanks to Brian Reynolds who recently obtained a copy of the magazine of the Rose Queen Coronation in 1953.  He got it on ebay so all you ebayers out there, keep your eyes open for more Speke History and let us know!


13    MarkTappenden1.jpg (218639 bytes)    14    MarkTappenden2.jpg (316372 bytes)    15    MarkTappenden3.jpg (651508 bytes)


13 to 15   This is a Probationer's Training Card of a Choir boy at All Saints - Mark Tappenden.  It is in three parts to fit it all in! 

16    BapJulieWhitehead.JPG (371037 bytes)    

16 - Baptism card of Brian, son of Julie Whitehead who allowed me to copy this at the 2008 Exhibition.

17   Card2146.jpg (419626 bytes)     18    Card1147.jpg (142125 bytes)    19   Card3148.jpg (435217 bytes)    20     Card4149.jpg (141726 bytes)


17 - 20 These are copies of two postcards sent to Doris Johnson by her teacher at Speke School, Mrs Bliss. Thanks to Doris for allowing me to show them both.

21  GittinsBapCert.jpg (334764 bytes)   22   SchoolCerificate.JPG (2697826 bytes)

21 - Thanks to Brian Gittins for sending in his Baptism Card from 1942.

22- Thanks to Rob Dobie for this copy of his Mum's School Certificate commemorating the Coronation of King George 6th. Have a close look at the characters around the edge as they include figures and symbols from each part of Britain and other countries.

If you have any contributions to this page, please contact me through the Guestbook.