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Photographs - 313th Girl Guides


If you click on a photograph, you can see an bigger version.  If you can fill in any of the missing information or dates, please let me know through the Guestbook.


1   Brownies1.jpg (68996 bytes)    2   Guides1.jpg (73431 bytes)     3  Guides2.jpg (73357 bytes)

1 - Brownies 


2 - Girl Guides with thanks to Hannah Watson, third from right


3 - Elizabeth Bradbury, Lynne Moneypenny, Sharon Firman, Mrs Lovatt, Anita Bradbury


 4   Guides3.jpg (70242 bytes)    5   Guides4.jpg (77287 bytes)   6    Guides5.jpg (74240 bytes) 

4 - Sandra Brodin and Lynne doing the washing up


I was very saddened to hear this summer that Sandra had passed away.  We were friends from primary school to our late teens and I will remember her as a very intelligent person, bubbly, positive, outgoing and a good friend.   It was touching to see the Church full at her funeral.


5 - Lynne M, Sharon Firman, Sandra Ellis, Ann Brodin


6 - Shirley Haslem and Anita Bradbury with Sandra Ellis and Sharon Firman in the background


7 GuidesCamp1.jpg (65064 bytes)   8   SeaRangers1.jpg (79152 bytes)   Hannah1.jpg (258945 bytes)    10    Hannah2.jpg (187733 bytes)  

7 - Shirley Haslam, Sharon Firman and some poor soul propping them both up!

8 - Sea Rangers - if you have a clearer version of this, please let me know


9 - My thanks to Hannah Watson for these three photographs of the Brownies and Guides at All Saints. Unfortunately I don't have many names. The leader on the left is Hannah and Miss Edis is sitting in the front, middle seat.


10 - I don't know the first person here but the second is Miss Edis, next is Pat Flood (she scared me when she was my Brown Owl.... and in later years as an adult in the congregation!) and Hannah Watson.



11    Hannah3.jpg (290958 bytes)    12    A&K008.jpg (332888 bytes)    



11 - Pat Flood and Hannah are the leaders on this one.  If you spot yourself, or recognise any of the others, please let me know.


12 - Thanks to Karen Edwards for this photo of Linda Brooks, Hazel Crawley, Karen (nee Bennett) receiving their Queens Guide Awards in 1966



13  QueensGuides2.JPG (59301 bytes)      14   QueensGuides1.JPG (58384 bytes)     15    ScoutGuideWindow.JPG (56186 bytes)



13 - Queen's Guides 1948 to 1963


14 - Queen's Guides 1963 to 1968


15 - Scouts & Guides window


16    GuidesFloat.jpg (837697 bytes)    17   313thWorthington.jpg (1226307 bytes)   


16 - Girl Guide float in parade


17 - 313th Girl Guides and Brownies taken in the Guide Hut at the back of the Church Hall and next to the Autumn Club. Received with thanks from by Joyce Worthington.  Anyone recognize the faces? Our Viv tells me the Guide on the top row, 2nd right is possibly Mavis Morgan.






18   JoanBroleyBrownie_0001.jpg (3096283 bytes)     


18 - Joan Broley in her Brownie uniform, taken in her living room in a prefab in Dymchurch Road. Joan has contributed a lot of photos to this website which are much appreciated.


Brownie Guide & Cub Scout Reunion 


Below are photos from our Brownie Guide & Cub Scout Reunion at 12th and 13th June 2010 organised by former Girl Guide Captain Dorothy Haslem.  Looking through all the memorabilia Dorothy had collected, we all had a lovely time and old friends were happily reunited!  My thanks to Shirley Bentham (nee Haslem) for these wonderful photos which include some of the Church which we opened up for visitors.


313th Reunion 057.jpg (178281 bytes)     313th Reunion 061.jpg (152215 bytes)     313th Reunion 2nd day 008.jpg (131481 bytes)     313th Reunion 096.jpg (211904 bytes)               



Miriam, friend of Shirley squeezed into her old Guide Uniform, much to the amusement of Dorothy and her family, Susan, Reg and Shirley.


313th Reunion 002.jpg (158499 bytes)    313th Reunion 001.jpg (142328 bytes)  313th Reunion 064.jpg (184234 bytes)     313th Reunion 065.jpg (192369 bytes)     


IMG_1803.JPG (1334468 bytes)   313th Reunion 097.jpg (129695 bytes)  





This tea set was bought by a previous Guide Captain for use at special events and is now kept by Dorothy along with many Guide badges, books and albums.  Matt Moneypenny's Akela uniform was kindly loaned for the day by his grandson, Peter.



313th Reunion 024.jpg (180229 bytes)     313th Reunion 027.jpg (175332 bytes)       DSC08341.JPG (461025 bytes)      DSC08342.JPG (396259 bytes)




Apart from old friends from South Liverpool we met visitors from Lowestoft, Penketh, Preston, Widnes and Pontefract! We also welcomed Ken and Edna Cahill, Fred Day, June Dolby and Joyce Salmon (both formerly Wilsher) John Goodale, Joan McBride, Phyllis Alger (nee Grogan).


313th Reunion 083.jpg (159227 bytes)     313th Reunion 078.jpg (148488 bytes)     313th Reunion 076.jpg (137147 bytes)


313th Reunion 084.jpg (137095 bytes)     IMG_1806.JPG (1520008 bytes)    313th Reunion 2nd day 002.jpg (135570 bytes)     313th Reunion 087.jpg (149106 bytes)


Visitors shown here include Barry and Jenny Moneypenny, Hannah Watson, Paul and Rachel McDonough, Barbara and Leslie Hughes, and Tom Whatmore with the old Brownie, Guide, Cub and Scout flags alongside the Cub Wolf head complete with Cub names on the ribbons. Elsie Gaulton came along to meet Dorothy who she worked with in the Crescent Chemist in 1949!





313th Reunion 032.jpg (154498 bytes)     313th Reunion 030.jpg (190012 bytes)     313th Reunion 020.jpg (160546 bytes)  313th Reunion 014.jpg (191865 bytes)   313th Reunion 041.jpg (174833 bytes)


Some of our visitors couldn't resist squeezing up the tower staircase into the belfry!


Many thanks to those who brought along their own memorabilia and donated various items including the Scout Log Book and local photographs some of which will be included on the website as soon as possible. And thank you so much to Dorothy and her family for a wonderful reunion and the opportunity to meet old friends and recall very happy memories!