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2008 - Best Ever!

We couldn't have fitted any more people into the Church Hall at mid day on Saturday afternoon!  It was even too full to take a decent photo!  People were coming from many different places thanks to a mention on Radio Merseyside by Tony Snell and a letter in the Echo as well as on this website.  I reckon Pam and John Varney from New Zealand hold the record for distance travelled over the weekend although they didn't come just for the Exhibition!  They are closely followed by Tony from Abersoch, Bill and Maureen Gittins from Essex, and Ernest Prendegast from Colwyn Bay! 

The Garston and Hale displays were amazing and so informative.  The displays and books available just added to the whole effect.  It's surprising how many people have connections over 2 or more of the original villages and wandered from one section to another following family trees.  I was very grateful to Jean from the Garston group who took over the refreshments when 3 people turned into 70.....!

Sunday was marred slightly by terrible rain just after lunch but we were grateful to those of you who brought and shared your biscuits, bun loaves and butties with everyone for lunch and got us off to a very friendly and happy start as we all chatted around the tables.  As we were only open for 3 and a half hours obviously not as many visitors came through but we still reckon over 40 people dropped in which kept Paula and Dot from All Saints on their toes!  

One couple Brian and Maureen had dropped in on a visit to Liverpool in the hope that All Saints would be open and they could see the font which Brian was baptised in, only to find a whole exhibition waiting for them!  We were also thrilled to meet the son of a blacksmith of the Speke Smithy which stood on the corner of Blackrod Avenue and Speke Church Road. Walter Handley and his wife Jean had their photo taken with the anvil from the Smithy that stands in our Church Porch and are returning soon with their daughter and grandchildren to share it with them.

Many thanks 

In All Saints Church I was blessed to have my Church Sitters - Peter (who stayed for the whole weekend!) Bob, Joyce, Joan S, Julie, Dot, Selina, Carol and Barbara.  Thanks also to the team who helped to make the Church look beautiful - May, Joan C, Peter, Carol, Paula, Gina and Yvonne.

A big cheer to the Garston District Historical Group for all their help, encouragement and exhibits (as well as tea making skills!) and also to Laurie from the Hale History Group who always gives me his support and brings a certain calmness to my craziness, before, during and after the event!  

And thanks to those of you who managed to come along - you made all the effort we have put in worthwhile and it was a pleasure to put faces to names and make new friends.  I enjoyed meeting all of you and for sharing your photographs and memories.   I hope those of you who were too far away remembered us and were there in spirit too.

I am posting a few photos below to give you an idea how the weekend went.  There's still more to come and some pictures of pictures that I took on the day - keep an eye on the News page.

Thanks everyone,


1Exhib08.jpg (103399 bytes)    2Exhib08.jpg (98492 bytes)    3Exhib08.jpg (87355 bytes)    4Exhib08.jpg (92416 bytes)    9Exhib08.jpg (84517 bytes)    13Exhib08.jpg (99031 bytes)    

6Exhib08.jpg (142557 bytes)                                                                             

Lynne and Trixie Bell                   

7Exhib08.jpg (104919 bytes)           8Exhib08.jpg (107960 bytes)          12Exhib08.jpg (96687 bytes)

Geoff, Marion and               Friends Reunited!               Lynne, Mavis Campbell 

Angela from St Aidans                                                 and Tony Roberts

  BlacksmithHandley.jpg (135173 bytes)  

Walter and Joan Handley - Walter's father was the Blacksmith at Speke so Walter had his photo taken with the anvil from the Speke Smithy

10Exhib08.jpg (93739 bytes)           11Exhib08.jpg (158888 bytes)

Ron Roberts with the book he was presented with when he attended the School is this very room.



Once again the Parish of All Saints and St Aidan's is holding it's Speke Exhibition, 

bringing people together to share their memories and catch up on each other's lives.

All of the items on this website will be on display plus many more maps, documents, books and files that you will not have a chance to see normally.  

The History Groups of Hale and Garston will be bringing along their many records 

to join in the weekend of memories.


All Saints Church and Hall will be open from 10 am to 3.30 pm on Saturday 28th June 2008 and from 12 noon to 3.30 pm on Sunday 29th June 2008 .


If you would like to join us for the Sunday morning worship, the service begins at 10.15 am.  You are guaranteed a warm welcome! Immediately after the service we will move over to the Hall for a Bring-and-Share lunch 

which again, you are all welcome to join from 11.15 am to 12 noon.  

If you lived, attended school, worked or have family history in Speke, Hale or Garston, join us and recapture those times whilst sharing them with others.  The Hale and Garston groups also have many photographs and information which will keep you engrossed for hours!  

If you are from Speke do you remember our Brownie Guide or Cub Scouts Packs, St Aidan's Pathfinders Group, All Saints Choir, Stocktonwood School?  We have books and photographs that will bring back those memories!   

If you were married at All Saints, our Album of Wedding Photos will be on display.  If you would like to add your photo to it, please contact me through the Guestbook.

Please come along and join us on this weekend of Memories!

2002 Exhibition


In June 2002, All Saints held it's Local History Exhibition to celebrate the Churchís 126th anniversary.

Many old maps, photographs and records from the late 1800ís and early 1900ís right through to the Churchís present day were on display, and the Speke, Hale, and Garston Local History Groups joined us, with the Dingle display here for the last day.

A lot of the visitors keep in touch, and have forwarded their memories to us to include in the files. If you have any old photographs of life at All Saints, or the village that you would be willing to share, please leave a message in the Guestbook and I'll get back to you.