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Tuesday 04/15/2008 4:03:14pm  

Name:  Marian Barel (O'Rourke)

E-Mail:  mazbarel@btinternet.com

Referred By:  Just Surfed In

Location:  Bristol

Comment:  Hi,  I have visited a few times and its always nice to have a browse, great site.

I used to live in Blackrod Avenue (my mum and brother still do!) and have great memories growing up in the 70's.
Think one of my fondest memories is the street parties we had for the Queens jubilee, such innocent times.

Keep up the good work on the site.

Saturday 04/05/2008 0:07:04am  

Name: trixie bell (doherty

E-Mail: trixdon@tiscali.co.uk

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Location: hampshire

Comments: Hi Lynne   I am hoping to to see you all in June after attending a wedding in Doncaster.
I look forward to visiting Speke again after so many years.
I wonder when reading the letters from different people.What happened to those who lived in Rycot Road have they disappeared from sight., they must be out there somewhere.
See you in june Lynne
Regards Trixie Bell( Doherty)

Saturday 03/29/2008 4:48:08pm  

Name: Karen Edwards (nee- Bennett )

E-Mail: derek.karen@edwardshome29.freeserve.co.uk

Referred By: Friend

Location: Wirral

Comments: How nice to be able to see the wonderful items on the site. There are several peoples names I remember,however am cannot seem to be able to view the 313thguide pics nor the misc.pics they seem to be blocked. This is unfortunate as I was in the 313th guides. Keep up the good work.
LYNNE: Hi Karen, sorry about that. Those two pages should load properly now!

Saturday 03/29/2008 12:14:16am  

Name: Ernest Prendergast

E-Mail: ernestfootsteps@dsl.pipex.com

Referred By: Friend

Location: Colwyn Bay

Comments: My family were either the third or fourth to settle on the 'New Speke Estate'. I knew many of the people whose names appear on your excellent site.

Gerneth Rd was just like a tank testing round as were so many other of the local roads. The houses were in various stages of development. It was 1937 and I was a 7 year old. The now Church Hall was the first school that I attended. I joined the Wolf cubs and Mrs Sutton was out leader. Later I went on to be a scout and Tom Whatmore was either the Scout Leader or Assistant Leader.

I remember the Revs patterson, Wade (sand in his choir) & the unpleasant JFSO Graham. The curate Charlie Walker was a friend as was Leonard Rossiter.

There was a gang of younger people who used to meet most nights during the early black-outs but we very rarely got into trouble mostly, we just played games like hide and seek or kick the can. The naughtiest we ever got was to knock the knockers and run. Oh for those days of innocence to return.

I was married at All Saints Church on September 11th 1948 and the marriage lasted for nearly forty years but we sadly went our separate ways although we kept in touch, but it is with regret that my first wife passed away on the 3rd November 2007.

My mother who is now 99 still lives here in Colwyn Bay and I visit her daily. My brother Robert who sang in the choir at St Adian's now lives in Bournemouth and sings with the Bournemouth Male Voice Choir as his main hobby.

I think I might be able to name two of the boys in your first choir photo as myself and a lad called Reg Golby.

I have visited the area several times over the years and it saddens me to see the vandalism that has been commited in the name of progress. Can I please strike the first blow when they demolish the Crescent?


Saturday 03/29/2008 0:33:13am  


E-Mail: brenda.armstrong6@btinternet.com

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Comments: i found your web site by chance, and found it very interesting, My husband Norman and i were married at all saints in june 1971 by the Rev Clawson, we now live in Haydock St Helens, good luck with your site god bless Brenda xx

Monday 03/17/2008 1:31:43pm  

Name: Ann Barlow

E-Mail: ann_barlow2002@yahoo.co.uk

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Location: Northamptonshire

Comments: Hi Lynne
Thanks for trying to sort out the problem..will now see how this one goes!
I lived in Ardwick Road, Speke, my name then was Ann Rowley and went to Alderwood Avenue Infant/junior schools.

I married at All Saints on a scorching 10th July 1976, left Liverpool in early 1979 and moved South, but had my eldest son christened at All Saints in August 1981.

I have lots of memories of growing up in Speke, school holidays spent going down Dungeon Lane to the shore to play, along with my best-friend, Pat Little, she very sadly died aged 31. We usually managed to 'find' some daffodils in the farmer's field for our mums during the Easter holidays, amazingly, we were never caught. We also went cycling to Hale and Speke Hall. Sometimes Pat's older sister Sue was with us.We usually had a pack of sandwiches, paste or jam, wrapped in a bread wrapper, and a bottle of pop to drink.

Our mums often took our families plus other children to the shore or Hale Lighthouse during the holidays...the scene was reminiscent of the Pied Piper as we all walked there and back! Our parents also used to get out on the field opposite our house with us all and play games like rounders, and also supervised the great bonfire nights so no-one got hurt, the boys collected wood for weeks beforehand, it was usually put on top of sheds. We went home tired but happy in those days!

When I got older and was at senior school in the 60's, I went to the Congregational Church on Eastern Avenue,they had dances and a youth club, and I also went to the dances at the Sea Cadets at the bottom end of Western Avenue...local groups and records to dance to. It was only when I started work 'in town' that I really lost touch with Speke for socialising, my circle of friends changed as did the place I went.

After I married and eventually moved away, I visited my family as often as possible and over a period of time saw a big deteriation in Speke. I hear it's being regenerated, I hope it's a success.

If there's anyone out there that remembers me, it would be lovely to hear from them.

Friday 03/14/2008 0:58:46am  

Name: Lynne


Referred By: Just Surfed In

Location: Speke

Comments: I have reported the fault with the Guestbook and Lycos who own it said that at the moment a visitor only has two minutes to put in their whole message in the Guestbook before it times out. They reckon this can be refreshed by clicking on the "I can't read this" button next to the verification box before going past it. In the meantime they are working to extend the time allowed to put the message in. While we wait I will change the settings so messages appear immediately if they are successful until this is sorted.

I hope this helps. I will add an email icon to the webiste this weekend to enable guests to contact me directly while we wait for this to be sorted.

Thanks for your patience!


Friday 03/14/2008 0:40:03am  

Name: Ernest Prendergast

E-Mail: ernestfootsteps@dsl.pipex.com

Referred By: Friend

Location: Colwyn Bay

Comments: Hello Lynne ,I was very excited when I first dicovered your site. But then got rather frustrated as I had difficulty getting messages to despatch themselves to you. In the end I took the liberty to send a communication to you on the Royal Mail Pony Express. I could not even find a mailing address for you, so even now I am not sure if you received it or not.

I remember the Reverends, Patterson and Wade, I sang in the church choir Mr Blease was our choir master, he was also my music teacher at school. Tom Whatmore was also in the choir and was also our scout leader. Leonard Rossiter was a personal friend and I remember the Lunt boys. My cousin Joan Prescott who lived in All Saints Rd now lives at Aintree with her husband John with whom I went to School in Hunts Cross.

My Mum is still alive and is now 99yrs old. Our home was at 26 School way which strangely was the fourth house to be occupied on the whole estate. I was just seven when my parents took up the tenancy.

There are so many memories that flood back when I occasionally visit the estate although it is usually just a drive through with nowhere to stop as all of my friends have either left the area and I have lost touch or they have passed into Gods care.

I will try to visit the church where I married my late first wife in June for your festival. Keep up the good work and thanks again for the wonderful site. Ernest Prendergast

Saturday 02/23/2008 1:14:28pm  

Name: Phil


Referred By: Just Surfed In

Location: Liverpool

Comments: Hi Lynne,  I am not a Christian but I was born and raised in Speke. I found your site a great local history resource. Just a couple of worries. Picture 31 in Places is not Central Way - in fact it is an earlier picture of what looks like the very same position and has been called Ganworth Road (or it could be Conleach Road) and it was 3 storey flats not family houses. You are right that they were converted into bungalows as were the 3 storey family town houses on Central Way (and I think these were also on Stapleton Avenue). Also the date has to be the late 1940s or 1950s not as you state 1930s.
There was a picture in the vicar's personal photos of a funeral in RAF uniform. I was wondering if this might have been with military honours for the celebrated Polish pilot whose name escapes me. He crash landed whist stationed at Speke.
Great site; as Arnie says, "I will be back".

LYNNE: Phil, thanks for the information. You haven't left your email so I'll reply here! You are right about Conleach/Ganworth and the date - I will put it right. I think this is a report of the plane crash you mentioned - the pilot was Czech but lived in Poland. Sadly the photo of his coffin doesn't match Rev Patterson's one.

Wednesday 01/23/2008 8:52:56pm  

Name: Lynda Barlow

E-Mail: barlowlynda@aol.com

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Rural Scotland

Comments: I have found your site incredibly helpful because I am researching my ancestors, the Wykes (whykes) and have found that there are 20 or more buried in the churchyard! Realising you are probably very busy, I hesitate to ask this - so please feel free to say no - but is there any chance that you could copy out the inscriptions on the grave stones of Whykes for me? Sorry, I know it's a big job, but as I now live in Argyll, it's a long way for me to travel. If you can't do it, that's fine, I really appreciate all of the work you have done already. Thanks. Lynda

LYNNE: IF anyone else is researching the Wyke family please get in touch as I have already put a lot of information together and can send you the photos I took for Lynda.

Tuesday 01/15/2008 4:50:16pm  

Name: Les Lunt

E-Mail: leslie_lunt@hotmail.com

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Valencia, Spain.

Comments: Hi again, many thanks for great memories of living in Speke. My brother Alan was a 'sidesman' in the church, and his pal was Leonard Rossiter the late Mr Rigsby!..of T.V fame, his family lived in Greyhound Farm Road.
Any news on an old pal named Richardson, his dad was a coal merchant in Speke would be most welcome.
best wishes for New Year
Les Lunt

Wednesday 01/02/2008 8:21:07pm  

Name: Bob Hogg

E-Mail: bobhogg@onetel.com

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Hale

Comments: The little white-washed cottage you show on your illustrated trip through old Speke seems to be No 5 Speke Town, where my grandmother Jane Lunt was born in 1875. My reason for believing this is that my father took a photo of this same cottage when it not so well looked-after, presumably shortly before it was demolished in the 1930s. I can let you have a copy if you want. My grandmother's parents, Mathias and Mary Lunt, and her brother William and his wife Ann are buried in Speke.

Wednesday 01/02/2008 11:04:10am  

Name: Lynne


Referred By: E-Mail

Location: Speke

Comments: Happy New Year everybody! Thank you for all your support, your lovely messages and your good wishes. I hope this coming year is a happy, healthy and peaceful for everyone.

Tuesday 01/01/2008 8:51:51pm


Paul Argent

E-Mail: paul@argent1725.freeserve.co.uk

Referred By: Friend

Location: Mossley Hill, Liverpool

Comments: Lynne,   Lots of love and a peaceful 'Capital of Culture' year!!  

Love,  Paul Argent