Speke Liverpool

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1 to 20 - The 313th Girl Guide Reunion in 2010 hosted by former Captain, Dorothy Haslem who brought along some memorabilia and many photos

Participants included Susan, Reg and Shirley Haslem; Jenny & Barry Moneypenny; Paul McDonough; Hannah Watson; Tom Whatmore; Elsie Gaulton; Lesley & Barbara Hughes; John Goodale.

21 - Brownies

22 - Girl Guides and Brownies taken in the Guide Hut at the back of the church Hall, next to the Autumn Club. Received with thanks to Joyce Worthington. I’ve been told the guide on the top row, 2nd right is possibly Mavis Morgan.

23 - Girl Guides with thanks to Hannah Watson, third from right

24 - Brownies and Girl Guides outside the church Hall, thanks to Hannah Watson.  The Leader on the left is Hannah and Miss Edis is sitting in the front, middle seat.

25 - I don’t know the first person here, but the second is Miss Edis, next is Pat Flood (who scared me when I was a Brownie and later as an adult in the congregation!) and Hannah Watson

26 - Pat Flood and Hannah are the Leaders on this one.  

27 - A photo of the Sea Rangers

28 - Joan Broley in her Brownie uniform, taken in her living room in a prefab in Dymchurch Road.  Joan has contributed many photos to this website which is very kind of her and much appreciated.

29, 30 & 31 - These Queen Girl Guide boards are kept in All Saints church along with a similar board for the Queen’s Scouts

32 to 34 - Photos and the programme from the Girl Guides version of Robin Hood

35 - This a from a Girl Guide camp I went on in 1972.  Never again, but the least said the better.  These are Shirley Haslem, Anita Bradbury with Sandra Ellis and Sharon Firman in the background.

36 - Me, Sharon Firman, Sandra Ellis and Ann Brodin

37 - Elizabeth Bradbury, me, Sharon Firman, Mrs Lovatt from the Woolton branch, and Anita Bradbury

38 - Sandra Brodin and I doing the washing up.  I was saddened in 2012 to hear the Sandra had passed away.  We were friends from Stocktonwood School to our late teens and I remember her as a very intelligent person, bubbly, positive, outgoing and a good friend.  It was touching to see the Church full at her funeral.

39 - Brownies induction ceremony

40 - Brownie Hilary Kennils making her Brownie promise

41 -Thanks to Karen Edwards for this photo of Linda Brooks, Hazel Crawley, Karen (nee Bennett) receiving their Queen’s Guide awards in 1966

42 - Girl Guide float in Speke parade

43 - Bruce Leng, Vicar of All Saints in the 1970’s with Dorothy Haslem, Guide Captain  

Thanks to John Varney and Pam Currie for the following 4 photos.

44- Pauline Currie, Wendy Flood and Pam Currie in 1957

45 - Joan Edis, Guide Leader for many years, 1957

46 - Camp at Tremeirchon with Pam Currie, Leslie Greenwood and Valerie Slillicorn in1957

47 - All Saints Brownies with Leaders at back, Pam Currie, Joan Edis, Ann Knowles and Irene Brownrigg in 1963

48 - 313th Guides 50th Anniversary Reunion, Joan Edis, Not Known, Not Know, Mrs Roberts and  Mrs Flood  F row Eileen Roberts, Hillary Wade and Jill Wade

49  - 313th Guides 50th Anniversary Reunion 24 June 1989