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These are selections from All Saints Church windows which are so beautiful, but it is hard to capture that on film.

Please ask before you use any of these photos to avoid Copyright problems.

1      Mary and child Jesus from the south window in the Sanctuary

2      The Blue angel on the north window in the Sanctuary dedicated to Adelaide Watt

3      Jesus on the throne of Heaven at the top of the great east window above the altar

4      Kind David in one of the south windows

5      The Good Samaritan and the assaulted man in the north window which shows 4 parables of Jesus

6      The blue dragon is at the feet of St George on one of the south facing windows

7      The great east window showing all the saints facing inwards to the birth of Christ, the crucifixion and the resurrection

8      The east window above the altar

9       North window of the Parables

10     St Lucy from the east window  

11     One of the other saints from the east window

The rest of the photos shown here, apart from the very last three were taken by a friend of ours from Hale, Joe McGorry who gave me the copyrights for them, all free!  I think you’ll agree, they are wonderful and we owe Joe a huge thank you.

50, 51, 52 - These wonderful drawings are the actual, original sketches of 3 of All Saints stained glass windows! I can't tell you how excited I was to see these! They are a tangible link with our past. My special thanks for my friend Chris who helped me to get these photographs.

50 - The first is instantly recognisable as the main East window over our Altar. This show the visit of Gabriel to Mary, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection in the centre panels with the ascended Jesus at the very top on his throne. Looking across the other panels from the left are the Prophets, Apostles, Martyrs and members of the Holy Church. This might make it easier to identify all the Saints now!

51 - This is our parable window from the North side of the church, overlooking All Saints Road. It shows the stories of the Good Samaritan, the Ten Foolish Virgins, The Talents and the Prodigal Son. The actual window is not quite as shown here but the theme is the same.

52 - This was the plan for the West window at the bottom of the aisle which is now plain glass. What a shame the funds were never found to complete this beautiful design. Topped by the Crucifixion, this window would have shown the life of Jesus, starting in the bottom left corner with his birth and travelling across the bottom with his presentation at the temple, Epiphany and his life as a child in Nazareth. Also shown here in the drawing is his Baptism by John, the Sermon on the Mount, Palm Sunday and the Last Supper. What a beautiful window this would have made!