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August 2017

I’m currently adding all the previous Guestbook entries from over the years as there are many, wonderful stories and memories in there.  They are well worth a read, especially if you came fromSpeke originally. You can find them under the News and Now tab at the top of each page.  I hope you enjoy reading them!  I’ve also added some photos of St Aidan’s demolition which has taken years to organise and has been halted because someone messed up the checks before starting.  It’s a disgrace that’s she has been left this way for so long,and even now, her end is being dragged out.  This is the only reason I’m including these sad photos.

November 2015

Many thanks to John Varney who has sent me another 17 photos for the Scouts and Guide pages.  I am so grateful for them and they help me to keep the site fresh and interesting.  Please visit those pages to see the ‘new’ old photos and check out those funky uniforms they’re wearing!   Lynne xxx

October 2015

Following discussions at the Heritage Open Day with some of you Alan has been putting a lot of time in to bring the website up to date and more accessible.  We’ve made some changes to the tool bars and added captions under each photograph.  If you want to stop them changing automatically, you can use the pause button underneath and view each one in your own time.  If more information is available, we’ve listed it in the section under the photos.  I hope this will be easier and more comfortable for you to use. We will continue to work on the site to update and improve it.

Following the Open Day I sadly decided it was time to to leave All Saints Church so I’ve removed the About Us page but I’m leaving all the Parish history up as it is an important part of the history of the village as it grew into an estate.   I am keeping up my worship in another Church.

If you wish to contact either of the Churches featured here, please go to their individual Facebook pages. You can still contact me through the Guestbook or by the email option on the home page.

Thanks for your support,Lynne x

September 2015

Well that went well!  We had over 60 guests through our doors on the Open Day and it was a pleasure to meet you all.  I had a good team of volunteers helping me out and we enjoyed every minute!  One thing that was mentioned a couple of times was the new website.  Some of you preferred the old set up so I’m going to work on this one to make it a little more similar to the old one.  I hope it’s easier to do than setting this one up from scratch! Lynne xx

August 2015

We are opening the Church for National Heritage Open Day on Saturday 12th September from 11 am to 4 pm and will have on display our wedding album, Church history files and some of our Church registers for baptisms, weddings and funerals.  If you are visiting Speke Hall for their open day please pop in and say hello.  St Mary’s, Hale village is also open so you could visit all three if you fancy a full heritage day!

I’m continuing to work on the site from time to time to get everything online and hope you are finding your way around it all by now!  Thanks for your ongoing support and encouragement!  Lynne xxx

July 2014

Hi everyone, did you think I’d emigrated? I decided last October (2013) that I needed to take a break from my work the Parish and I stepped down as Church Warden of All Saints.  It has been a strange time as I try to find my place in Church after all these years and what God wants me to do instead.  At the moment though, I feel He is telling me to rest which is fair enough with me!

I will endeavour to get back on board with the website as it was my baby all those years ago and Speke’s local - and ongoing -  history is still close to my heart.

Most of my time as Warden was to Carol Kidd and we continued to be friends after she retired.  After a dignified journey, Carol left us for Heaven on 22nd June 2014, peacefully listening to the Gospel of Luke being read by her close friend John Moore as Carol had requested. Alan and I regularly spent time with Carol, talking about all sorts of things, laughing, discussing, sharing, and sometimes being bossed about but we feel very privileged that we were considered part of her ‘family’ in those last months.  Her attitude certainly made us look at death in a totally different way and, as in life, we learnt a lot from her and miss our visits to her little flat.

Shortly before she died, Carol took a trip to the Lake District with John’s wife, Rita where she bought a painting that she felt captured her journey from the darkness of her illness on earth to the brightness of her eternal life in Heaven. This painting is now in my home and I will add a photo of it to the website very soon.

Thanks for all your continued support.  xxxx

May 2013

Hello  everyone, I hope the year is going well for you up to now! 2013 has brought a lot of changes to the parish of Speke, the main one being only having one Minister for the two Churches. Our Rector, Gill Pinnington is keeping everything on track but inevitably, changes have had to be made to our services and groups and we have had to ask the congregations to take on more responsibilities.  For a small parish, this has not been easy as the same folk tend to volunteer all time and get burnt out!

Having said that, we are still here, still going and still worshipping God in many ways and Gill is leading us with the help of our two Readers, John and Geoff.  We are looking at ways to reach out even more into the local community and St Aidan’s The Place To Be has many activities to keep everyone busy.

We have had some sad news regarding our retired Minister Carol who is starting chemotherapy soon but we are in touch with her and offering her our support in prayer and practical ways.  She is taking each day as it comes and dealing with her illness in her usual, no nonsense way. “No flapping, no weeping and wailing please!” Please remember Carol in your prayers as she undergoes her chemo.

So there we are.  That’s what’s happening here at the moment.  A lot of changes for all of us and a lot of hard work but a determination to make the best of what we’ve got and make it even better.  Please feel free to come along and join in any time you’re in the area!

God bless, Lynne x

December 2012

Happy New Year for 2013! If you’re reading this it means our new website is up and running!  It’s been a long time coming, I know, but I’ve finally got my act together and modernised our site!  Thanks for your patience and encouragement! I think it’s been worth the effort and it should be easier for you to navigate around the site too. The main menu bar is at the top of each page, and the menu bar for each section is in the middle. The photos are now scrolled for you but you can use the control bar to look at them one at a time.  I’ll be adding the titles and names when I can.  If you have any problems at all, use the email form at the bottom of the Home Page to let me know.   

The new Guestbook is up and running now and I’ve included two Word files containing the old Guestbook messages which you have all missed so much!  They do take a bit of time to download but hopefully they’re worth the wait!  Keep your contributions and messages coming in - you are what this site is, and always has been, about.

Speke Liverpool

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